• Welcome
        • for designers and architects

          • will agree with the customer the final configuration of the furniture in the form of virtual and augmented reality
          • create and agree on technical drawings
          • organize the work of several contractors
          • carry out delivery and installation
        • for customers

          • customization of our products
          • possibility of “fitting” furniture at home using augmented reality
          • delivery and installation (depending on the delivery address)
        • Broshure





          This brochure briefly reflects the basic information about the product, its stylistic orientation, and shows what interiors can be created using INTERIOR ELEMENTS furniture.

        • Catalogue





          The catalogue contains the full range of our products and compared to this brochure includes much more – additional information about our products, materials, processes.

        • Care instructions





          Take care of your furniture. She is alive.

        • App for Augmented Reality

          Coming soon

          All of our products have the ability to be «tried on» in your house using Augmented Reality technology.

        • How to buy
        • You can order any non custome product and pay only when you RECEIVE your furniture and you like it

          Details on our “how to buy” page

        • Partnership
        • Information on cooperation for

          • architects
          • interior designers
          • distributors
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