• Welcome
        • for designers and architects

          • will agree with the customer the final configuration of the furniture in the form of virtual and augmented reality
          • create and agree on technical drawings
          • organize the work of several contractors
          • carry out delivery and installation
        • for customers

          • customization of our products
          • possibility of “fitting” furniture at home using augmented reality
          • delivery and installation (depending on the delivery address)
        • Broshure





          This brochure briefly reflects the basic information about the product, its stylistic orientation, and shows what interiors can be created using INTERIOR ELEMENTS furniture.

        • Catalogue





          The catalogue contains the full range of our products and compared to this brochure includes much more – additional information about our products, materials, processes.

        • Care instructions





          Take care of your furniture. She is alive.

        • App for Augmented Reality

          Coming soon

          All of our products have the ability to be «tried on» in your house using Augmented Reality technology.

        • How to buy
        • You can order any non custome product and pay only when you RECEIVE your furniture and you like it

          Details on our “how to buy” page

        • Partnership
        • Information on cooperation for

          • architects
          • interior designers
          • distributors

This is the music that we are ready to listen to over and over again, from which you will not get tired.

Songs whose meaning is never lost.

The list is rather big. Fortunately, there is a lot of good music and songs. Most, we think, you are familiar, you will hear something for the first time, but if we are on the same wavelength, then you will definitely like it!


Show Room PlayList

the sound we love!

this music sounds in our show rooms, in our office, at home and just on the road or for a walk
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Show Room Playlist

Dance and Drive

we dance and drive

sets us up to move forward, to have fun and dance
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Dance and Drive


our relax is:

a complicated cases - doing something doing anything, try to do as we do!
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i love you

songs that, with all my heart, I want to sing to a loved one, to a person who is dear more than you are to yourself
Click Here to get full play list

I Love You

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351 Lake Shore Drive – Forever.mp3
Adam Halogen – Length and Brecht.mp3
Aether – Should Have Known.mp3
Air – Playground love.mp3
Alex Cortiz – A-Chill.mp3
Alex Cortiz – Black Beach.mp3
Alex Cortiz – Leather girl.mp3
Alex Cortiz – Paluka Days.mp3
Alex Cortiz – Polar Shift.mp3
Alex Cortiz – Taste My Lemonade.mp3
Alex Cortiz – That Day.mp3
Alex Cortiz – The Secret Life of Rain.mp3
Ambassadeurs – Looking At You feat. C Duncan Moods Remix.mp3
Anthya – The Horizon Of Mars.mp3
Bishop – Mercy (Original mix).mp3
Blank amd Jones – Die Blaue Stunde.mp3
Bliss – Mivahetsek.mp3
Bliss – Seabird.mp3
Bliss – Sleep Will Come.mp3
Bliss – The Hope.mp3
Blue Pilots Project – Remake.mp3
Boards of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon Sun.mp3
Bonobo – The keeper.mp3
Brian Culbertson – Madelena).mp3
Cafe Del Mar – Remember then.mp3
Candee Soulchillaz – Lily Was Here Ibiza (Del Mar Cafe mix).mp3
Capa – The Way We Live.mp3
Carl Matthews – Gravity.mp3
Carl Matthews – Panspermia.mp3
Chris Isaac – Wicked Game (Chillion Remix).mp3
Cirque du Soleil – Rain One.mp3
Del Shannon – Sunny (Духless 2).mp3
Dj Milews – Children – (ambient Cafe Del Mar mix).mp3
DJ Quincy Ortiz – The Gates.mp3
Enigma – The dream of the dolphin.mp3
Everything (…Is Never Quite Enough).mp3
Freya Ridings – Lost Without You.mp3
Guenter Haas – The Choice .mp3
Harry styles – Sign of the times.mp3
Helios – Seeming.mp3
Hess Is More – Yes Boss.mp3
Himalia (David Bryan Hinman) – Ghosts.mp3
Husky Rescue – New light of tomorrow.mp3
HV and Noon – Europa Centralna.mp3
HV and Noon – Kik.mp3
HV and Noon -?? Mono.mp3
Idenline – At Sunset.mp3
Inventors Of The Sun – Silent Dreams.mp3
Izzard Ghost – Naps.mp3
Jayeson Andel – A Little Spaced.mp3
Kaleida – Think.mp3
Klangstein – Deepdive.mp3
Klangstein – Destiny.mp3
Klangstein – Echoing.mp3
Klangstein – Flowmotion (Continuous Mix).mp3
Klangstein – Ganz Leise (feat. Sylvia Gerlach).mp3
Klangstein – Harlekin.mp3
Klangstein – Klangsine (with Sine).mp3
Klangstein – One.mp3
Klangstein – Run.mp3
Klangstein – Sleepwalkers (feat. Lys-Jane).mp3
Klangstein – The Beauty Without Beats.mp3
Klangstein – The Rebirth.mp3
Klangstein – These Days.mp3
Klangstein – Vacuum.mp3
Klangstein – Within You.mp3
Kuba – We Can Still Learn.mp3
Lana Del Rey and The weeknd – Lust for life.mp3
Landscape – Sunset-Chill.mp3
Laxcity – Healing.mp3
Lazy Hammock – You Light My Mind (Original Version).mp3
Lazy Hammock – You Light My Mind.mp3
Lemongrass – Maison a-la mer.mp3
Marcello Del Monaco – The deepest ocean.mp3
Marga Sol – All The Love (Sunset Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Beautiful & Bitter (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Beautiful Morning.mp3
Marga Sol – Black Coffee.mp3
Marga Sol – Bliss of Water.mp3
Marga Sol – Bossalova (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Chillvibes (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Citylife (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Crystal Light (Dreamy Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Crystal Light (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Deeper Love.mp3
Marga Sol – Distances (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Falling.mp3
Marga Sol – Feel the Sun.mp3
Marga Sol – Joy (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Keep My Love (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Love Comes Again.mp3
Marga Sol – My Baby (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – On The Beach.mp3
Marga Sol – Palm Tree Chill.mp3
Marga Sol – Prayer for Love.mp3
Marga Sol – Sunset Traveller.mp3
Marga Sol – Temple of Love.mp3
Marga Sol – Time Child (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – Tocca me.mp3
Marga Sol – Voyager (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – What I Long For (Chill Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – What I Long For (Original Mix).mp3
Marga Sol – What We Had.mp3
Martijn de Man – Nathan Talks To His Mother.mp3
Massivan – 2 B @ 1 With The World.mp3
Massivan – Daydream.mp3
Matthieu Faubourg – Please, Stay.mp3
Michael E – Aha.mp3
Michael E – Amanda.mp3
Michael E – Out of the Blue.mp3
Michael E – The Chosen One.mp3
Michael E – Waiting for Yesterday.mp3
Mischa van de Bilt – A Journey Through Skylines – A Journey Through Skylines.mp3
Morcheeba – Crimson.mp3
Morcheeba – Good Girl Down.mp3
Morcheeba – Way beyond.mp3
Nicolaj Grandjean – Heroes & Saints.mp3
Niia – Body.mp3
Omar – Surrender.mp3
Openzone bar – Kiss In The Dark.mp3
Openzone Bar – Seven Seas.mp3
Openzone Bar – The Dining Room.mp3
Paul Hardcastle – Don’t You Know.mp3
Paul Hardcastle – Exploring the Deep.mp3
Paul Hardcastle -?? Desire.mp3
Peter Pearson – Apres Sun.mp3
Peter Pearson – Beautiful.mp3
Peter Pearson – Happy girl.mp3
Peter Pearson – I Feel You Close.mp3
Peter Pearson – Paradise Refound.mp3
Peter Pearson – Sleepy Eyes.mp3
Peter Pearson – Slowly does it.mp3
Peter Pearson – Stellar Bliss.mp3
Peter Pearson – With All My Heart.mp3
Pier-O – Long Kiss At Trocadero.mp3
Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones – Relax.mp3
Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Sky.mp3
Porter – Surround me with your love.mp3
Project Blue Sun – Another Chance.mp3
Ramin Djawadi – Light of the Seven.mp3
Saba – What A Feeling.mp3
Sade & ATB – And I Miss You.mp3
Sam Brookes – Numb.mp3
Sieren – Glow.mp3
Solaris navis – Blissful_memories.mp3
Spire and Soda Island – Limbo.mp3
Sunset Blvd. – Loving You.mp3
Syml – Harvest Moon.mp3
Syml – The Road Less Wandered.mp3
Syml – Wheres My Love.mp3
Syml – Wildfire.mp3
Syml, Jordan XL – Wheres My Love.mp3
Syml, Sam Feldt – Wheres My Love.mp3
Tenru – The Way She Moves.mp3
Tessa Thompson – I Will Go to War.mp3
Tessa Thompson – Midnight.mp3
Tessa Thompson – Time Tick.mp3
The Mighty Bop – Life.mp3
The xx – Together.mp3
Therr Maitz – Found U.mp3
Therr-Maitz – Undercover.mp3
Tony Casanova, Nora Abdul – Easy Friend (Original Mix).mp3
Trentemoller – Miss you (original version).mp3
Triangle sun – 100 stars.mp3
Triangle Sun – The Red Line.mp3
Triangle Sun – When the Rain comes falling down .mp3
Urban Species – Blanket.mp3
VACANT – Alley Way.mp3
VACANT – Broke.mp3
VACANT – Early Hour.mp3
VACANT – Empty.mp3
VACANT – Reprezent one.mp3
VACANT – Revenant.mp3
Vangelis – Ask the mountains.mp3
Vargo – Get Back To Serenity (Beach Mix).mp3
Vargo – Silver Lining.mp3
Vargo and?? Precious – Part One.mp3
Vargo and?? Precious – Part Two.mp3
Velvet Dreamer – Sky Is Falling (feat Diana Moon & Tim Gelo).mp3
W.H. Auden – Time will say nothing.mp3
Yello – Desire.mp3
Yello – Drive Driven.mp3
Yello – Kiss The Cloud.mp3
Yello – Pacific Rim.mp3
Yello – You Better Hide.mp3
Yello – Blue Horizon.mp3
York, Nathan Red & Kim Sanders – How Did I Fall In Love.mp3
Younger Brother – Ribbon On A Branch.mp3

All Seeing I – The Beat Goes On.mp3
Armin van Buuren feat Conrad Sewell – Sex Love Water.mp3
Bicep – Glue original mix.mp3
Feder feat. Lyse – Goodbye.mp3
Freedom Satellite – Astro Black.mp3
Malfa – So Long.mp3
Modjo – Lady.MP3
Pharrell Williams – Happy.mp3
Robert Miles – Children.mp3
Snap – The Power.mp3
Sofi Tukker – Best Friend.mp3
Triangle Sun – Hidden Home.mp3
Vanotek feat. Eneli – Tell Me Who.mp3

A Good Year (soundtrack) – Max A Million.mp3
Afterlife – People.mp3
Afterlife – Speck of gold.mp3
Bliss – Seabird.mp3
Boards of canada – Peacock tail.mp3
Boards of canada – Turquoise hexagon sun.mp3
Emancipator – All through the night.mp3
Omar – Surrender.mp3
Scripture – Apache.mp3
Sunset Blvd – Loving You.mp3
Thomas Newman – Any Other Name.mp3
Vangelis – Ask The Mountains.mp3
Yello – Kiss in Blue.mp3

Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me.mp3
Chris Rea – And You My Love.mp3
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud.mp3
Laid Back – Feels Like Heaven.mp3
Modjo – Lady (Acoustic version).mp3
Morcheeba – Undress Me Now.mp3
Norah Jones – Come Away With Me.mp3
One Repablik – That its too late to apologize.mp3
Passenger – Whisper.mp3
Sade – Cherish the day.mp3
Tanita Tikaram – And i think of you.mp3
Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You.mp3
Wiz khalifa feat charlie puth – See you again.mp3
Аквариум – Та которую я люблю.mp3
ВИА Пламя – Снег кружится.mp3
Владимир Высотский – Лирическая.mp3
Вячеслав Малежик – Ты мне нравишься.mp3
Диана Арбенена – Раскалённые.mp3
Диана Арбенина – Казино (Квартирник).mp3
Диана Арбенина – Как жаль что ты сегодня не со мной.mp3
Наутилус Помпилиус – Я хочу быть с тобой.mp3
Николай Караченцов Елена Шанина – Я тебя никогда не забуду.mp3
Токио – Нежность.mp3
Токио – Я тебя люблю.mp3
Юрий Антонов – Двадцать лет спустя.mp3



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